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PDC® F-887 IMC
Een unieke hoogwaardige alifatische polyurethaan IMC [in matrijscoating] die in de matrijs wordt gespoten om een duurzame, flexibele, chemische en UV-bestendige coating op flexibele urethaan gevormde producten te bieden.

F-897 is a unique high performance aliphatic polyurethane IMC [in mold coating] that is spray-applied into the mold tool to provide a durable, flexible, chemical and UV resistant coating on flexible urethane molded products.

F-897 acts as the finish coat or can be used as an in mold barrier coat and post coated after trimming. F-897 offers excellent durability, flexibility, abrasion, UV and chemical resistance. The demand for a high performance IMC [in mold coatings] makes this innovative product the new alternative for your specialty foam products applications in the medical, sporting goods, pool and spa, leisure, automotive and industrial markets.